Your First Visit

Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon teamWhen you attend Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon for the first time, we like to spend time getting to know you. An initial consultation begins with you completing a detailed new patient history. This ensures we have the correct contact details for you and also outlines your medical history. People are often surprised how their general health can impact upon their dental health.

The dentist will then spend time with you discussing your current dental concerns, as well as any relevant previous dental experiences. At this point they will commence the dental examination. This involves fully assessing the structures both in and around your mouth. All of your teeth are examined, as are the soft tissues of your cheeks, lips, tongue and palate.

It is possible that the dentist may take photographs of your mouth or teeth to show you areas of concern or interest. They may also recommend that you have x-rays of your teeth.

An initial consultation will also involve a periodontal screening assessment. This means the dentist will assess the overall health of you gum and bone. If you require a full periodontal charting and/or the removal of plaque and calculus from your teeth, they will arrange an appointment for you with one of our hygienists.

After the dentist has completed their thorough assessment of your mouth, they will discuss in detail all of their findings. All of our clinicians are very capable of explaining your treatment needs in terms that are easy to understand. We will then, if necessary, provide you with a printed treatment plan outlining your treatment needs, the anticipated costs, length of times for each appointment and the item numbers.

It is the policy of the practice that payment is received at the end of each appointment. Payment plans may be available under special circumstances and you might be covered for dental treatment by your private health fund.