Dentures are removable false teeth. It is possible to have a full or a partial denture. Full dentures are constructed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth.

Partial dentures  are designed to be retained by clasping the remaining teeth.  There are two types of partial denture

Cobalt chrome. This denture has a cast metal substructure that is as thin as possible across the roof of your mouth or behind your lower teeth. This kind of denture has a rigid framework that is very strong and adapts very well to your mouth. It is the most comfortable type of partial denture to wear and is usually the best retained. It is also possible to have the clasps made in tooth coloured material, this is especially good when front teeth need to be clasped. The main disadvantages with a cobalt chrome denture are increased costs and difficulty adding teeth in the future.

Acrylic denture. This denture is made of all plastic, with wrought metal clasps retaining it around the remaining teeth. This type of denture is bulkier and not as strong as the cobalt chrome. It is however, easier to add teeth to.

The decision about which type of denture will suit you is best discussed with your dentist, once a comprehensive examination has been conducted.

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