Sterilisation & Infection Control

At Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon we uphold the highest level of infection control and sterilization. We follow the principle of universal precautions, which dictates that “all blood and body substances are potential sources of infection, independent of the perceived risk.” In simple terms it means that anything that is used in your treatment must either be disposable or sterilisable. That is why you will notice plastic barrier wraps on all the surfaces that the team may touch while you are in the dental chair.

In our sterilization room we have very strict protocols that ensure our instruments are processed effectively and safely between each patient. Each team member involved in instrument sterilization is trained to understand what surfaces are deemed clean and dirty and how to manage these surfaces.

Our autoclaves are the recommended Class B steam sterilizers and are regularly serviced and validated. We also follow the protocol of tracking and recording the autoclave cycles of all instruments deemed critical (i.e. any instruments  that could be in contact with blood).

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