What Is Hygiene All About?

At Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon we are committed to providing the very best dental health care for all our patients.  We strongly believe that the basis of dental health is the optimal health of your periodonatl tissues (gums and bone). Prevention of dental problems is fundamental to our practice and this is why our patients have comprehensive continuing care with a Dental Hygienist.

What Is A Dental Hygienist?

A Dental Hygienist is a tertiary qualified dental professional, specifically trained in the detection, prevention and treatment of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.  The maintenance of healthy gums and bone is crucial in ensuring that you keep your teeth.
At Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon we are proud to offer the services of our Dental Hygienists; Ms Jessica Judd, Ms Barbara Orban and Ms Tara MacKenzie.  Jess, Barbara and Tara look forward to customising an oral hygiene programme for you, helping to ensure your dental health for years to come.

Why Doesn’t My Dentist Clean My Teeth Anymore?

Our Dentists refer a patient to the Hygienist knowing that it will result in an improvement in their level of oral health. This is due to the longer appointments with the Hygienist, their skill at cleaning teeth and their motivational oral hygiene instruction. Hygienists work in co-operation with, but under the supervision of the Dentists, providing important feedback to the Dentists on your oral health and hygiene. Legally you must undetake a dental examination with your Dentist at least once every 12 months to be seen by a Hygienist. We tailor your appointment regieme to suit your individual needs.

Will It Cost More?

No. A hygiene visit will cost the same as seeing the dentist for clean. However in a hygiene appointment, which is almost twice as long as a dentist clean,  you will receive extra services that are not charged. These include a full periodontal charting and a flouride treatment. If you claim with a health fund you may actually receive a higher rebate from your hygiene appointment!

The Importance Of Oral Health And Hygiene

Your mouth is continuously changing and to prevent any deterioration you must have continuing care to maintain oral health and hygiene.
Your Dental Hygienist, upon the direction of your Dentist, may undertake the following range of treatment:

  • a medical history review
  • periodontal assessment and charting
  • removal of plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth and underneath the gum line
  • education of effective home care techniques to maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • dental radiographs
  • dietary analysis and advice on nutrition and its relationship to oral health
  • the application of fluoride and densensitising agents
  • product recommendations
  • tooth whitening
  • fissure sealants
  • saliva pH testing
  • dental impressions
  • oral cancer screening
  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) assessment

The Importance Of Home Care

As your Hygieinist will explain, caring for your oral hygiene between visits is essential. Prevention is better than any cure and the prevention of dental disease can be easily assisted with the aid of certain oral health products available from Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon.  Your Hygienist may make recommendations for your care and provide instructions on their proper use.

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