An implant is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. An implant involves having a titanium post (fixture) placed into the area where the tooth root used to be. This is then allowed to heal. Once the bone and the implant have meshed together (osseo-integrated) the implant is completed by having a crown or bridge constructed.

An implant is a multi-visit procedure, with the visits spread out over several months. In the intermediate time, while you are missing a tooth, a temporary denture can be constructed if required.

An implant is an excellent method for replacing a missing tooth. It does not require the removal of any tooth structure from adjacent teeth, nor is it dependant on their soundness. It is important, however, to understand that not all people are able to have implants in all areas of their mouth. A certain level of bone quantity and quality is required to place the implant. Structures such as the maxillary sinus or nerve may impede the fixture placement.

In most instances we will be able to restore the implant at our practice. However, we do refer our patients to one of a select few highly qualified periodontists for the placement of the fixtures.

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