Crown & Bridge

A crown is a fixed cast restoration that replaces a significant proportion of a tooth. Crowns can be constructed from a variety of materials, including porcelain and gold.

Crowns can be placed on teeth for a variety of reasons. These can be purely for cosmetic purpose, improving the appearance of your smile. They can also be placed if a tooth is very broken down or heavily filled. In these instances a crown will help to protect the remaining underlying tooth structure, often preventing it from further breakage. A crown is often recommended to be placed of a tooth that has root canal treatment or is suffering from a crack.

To construct a crown the tooth is prepared by removing 1-2mm or tooth structure over all the surfaces. The tooth is then committed to this kind of restoration for the remainder of its life. A crown is a  long lasting, hard wearing restoration.

A bridge is a fixed cast restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. There are several different bridge designs available but they all utilize one or more of the adjacent teeth to hold it in place. Bridges are fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed for cleaning. It is important that the health of the gum and bone around a bridged tooth is optimal. This requires a commitment to excellent oral hygiene, both prior to and after the placement of a bridge.

At Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon, we are able to offer crowns and most bridges. We carefully plan and discuss the possible treatment options and anticipated outcome with our patients, so that together we achieve a predictable and aesthetic result.

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