Anxious Patients

Many people consider themselves to be scared of the dentist. Anxiety or dental phobias are often an impediment to individuals seeking dental treatment. Unfortunately when an anxious patient defers their dental treatment, it usually results in an episode of pain or discomfort, thus reinforcing the negativity associated with the dentist.

At Bentleigh Dental on McKinnon we are committed to breaking that cycle. All of the clinicians at our practice genuinely care about their patients and will take the time to help them tackle and conquer their fears.

Some patients find that the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help to reduce their anxiety. We have the facilities to administer this at our practice. In special circumstances it may be necessary to have dental treatment performed under a general anesthetic. In these cases we can arrange a booking at a day surgery centre and most treatments can be undertaken at this time with one of our dentists.

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